Core-features of harmonyswap protocol
Automated Market Maker: Harmonyswap Automated market maker aims to become native token swap protocol of harmony one blockchain. It will allow trade of any HRC20 compatible token at lightning-fast speed with instant transaction finality, 1000 times lower fees powered by harmony one blockchain.
Harmonyswap AMM would allow both market swaps as well as limit orders for better trading experience.
Lending Protocol: Harmonyswap money market is an algorithmic-based money market system designed to bring a complete decentralized finance-based lending and borrowing system to harmony one blockchain. It will empower HRC20 token holders to lend their token holding for a passive ROI without putting their assets at risk of being stolen.
The protocol enables users to utilize their HRC20 tokens by supplying collateral to the network that may be borrowed by pledging over-collateralized cryptocurrencies. This creates a secure lending environment where the lender receives a compounded interest rate annually (APY) paid per block, while the borrower pays interest on the cryptocurrency borrowed.
NFT Marketplace: Imagine an NFT marketplace that is gas-free? That's right! no buyers no longer have to pay hefty blockchain fees when making trades on harmonyswap nft marketplace and creators can fully earn their way into crypto for the first time.