Bridging BSC <> ONE

Tutorial for bridging Binance Smart Chain with Harmony using Horizon
BSC <> ONE Bridge
Do NOT send bridged tokens directly to other blockchains or exchanges. This will not work and it might result in permanent loss of your tokens. Bridged tokens can only be used on Harmony network. The only way to send them out is by bridging them back.

Swapping BSC > ONE Tokens

1. Head over to bridge.harmony.one
2. Connect your Metamask account to Binance Smart Chain and connect your OneWallet or Metamask to the Harmony Mainnet.
3. After confirming the token amount, select your Harmony ONE address on which you would like to receive your tokens.
4. Select a BEP20 token from the left (or fill in the contract address). As an example, BUSD is used in this guide. When all fields are correctly filled in click on Continue to perform the bridge action.
5. On the next screen just click Continue.
6. Read the message with fees very carefully on the next page. You can click on Show more details for more information about the fees for this action. If you agree, click on Confirm.
7. The bridge action will begin and you will be asked multiple times to sign transactions using Metamask. Just click on Confirm for every action
8. If all went well, we have a successful bridge action.
9. You can now close the last screen at the bottom of the page by clicking on the Close button. You can also choose to do this in the opposite direction, from Harmony to BSC.
10. In order to see the tokens you might need to add the tokens to your wallet.

Swapping ONE > BSC Tokens

For swapping BEP-20 tokens for BEP-20 tokens the process is very similar. Make sure you select ONE -> Binance on top as we want to convert from Harmony to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) this time:
The remaining process is pretty much the same as the one mentioned on the section before. You will need to confirm a few transactions as they pop up on your selected wallet.


If you have any issue using the bridge, please click on Info at the top of the page, where you will be given instructions on how to report them.
Alternatively you can join our Telegram Support channel at https://harmony.one/bridge-support